AS2.4 Cells (External)
This externally assessed standard is worth 4 credits and is essential for
understanding at Level 3 and beyond.
You will cover a large amount of content and the teaching  component will take
approximately 10 weeks of class time.

The following is a comprehensive list of all the key areas that you must cover for AS2.4. This topic will introduce a lot of new terminology and language. Ensure you learn it all!

what you need to know!

Life processes at the cellular level include:

  • photosynthesis
  • respiration
  • cell division (DNA replication and mitosis as part of the cell cycle). 
Biological ideas, as they relate to each of the life processes at the cellular level, are selected from:
  • movement of materials (including diffusion, osmosis, active transport)
  • enzyme activity (specific names of enzymes are not required)
  • factors affecting the process
  • details of the processes only as they relate to the overall functioning of the cell (specific names of stages are not required)
  • reasons for similarities and differences between cells such as cell size and shape, and type and number of organelles present. 

Cells include plant cells and animal cells.


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A Tour of the Cell
Transport across membranes
Membrane Transport
Inside the human cell!
Movement: Transport in cells
The Cell Membrane
Photosynthesis III
Photosynthesis: LEARNCOACH
Cell Structure
Lab 1 : Diff. & Osmosis
DNA Replication
Energy & Enzymes
Cellular Reproduction
Photosynthesis II
Lab 2 : Enzyme Catalysis
Cellular Respiration